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TRANSMISSION SEAL KIT If your machine is leaking oil from the axles/output shaft, or if you are rebuilding the transmission, the SANDCRAFT seals are a must have. After years of R&D we’ve been able to create the most durable, highest heat-rated seal on the market. Designed to precisely fit your machine, these seals will keep your bearings and gears clean by keeping contamination out. UPGRADED TRANSMISSION BEARING KIT The SANDCRAFT upgraded Bearing Kits come from years of racing and engineering and have been designed specifically to outlast and out perform any other bearing on the market. There is simply no comparison between the stock bearings and our bearings. Our kits are designed to handle extreme abuse and heat. Don’t be left behind if you want to keep your machine running smoother longer. Rebuilding a Transmission can be time consuming and complicated if you don't have experience or tools. If you fall into this category, send it to us and our certified techs will troubleshoot and correct the problems. This price includes installing our upgraded bearing kit, upgraded seal kit, upgraded bearing retainer kit, then we set the gear lash & bench test before we ship it back. CERTIFIED SERVICES INCLUDE: • All upgraded Bearings • All upgraded Seals • Modify and set the end play on all the gear shafts • Clean and recondition the case • Bench test your transmission before we ship it back • We can change gear ratios to fit your application • Gear polishing service also available • Options available for race modification * You are responsible for shipping your transmission to us * Please make sure to fill your transmission with oil once you _x0003_ receive it * Break in instructions are included TRANSMISSION REBUILD - 2016 -2021 - RZR - TURBO