Raceline A14 Alpha Beadlock  Wheel

Raceline A14 Alpha Beadlock Wheel

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15x7 +53mm
15x7 +25mm
15x10 +25mm

Raceline A14 Alpha Bead Lock 15" UTV Wheel - Black/Gunmetal
Looking for a set of wheels for your RZR Turbo R / Pro R to throw paddle tires on? Look no further! Raceline has released its newest wheels - the A14 Alpha Bead Lock.

These wheels are specifically designed for the new Polaris RZR Turbo R and Pro R 5-lug, 5/4.5 bolt pattern. Offered in three size/offset variants, these wheels are begging to be wrapped up in sand tires and included in your next trip out to the dunes.

Not a big sand guy? No worries because you can throw whatever tires you want on these and they will surely compliment your Turbo R/Pro R. Two color options are available for the new A14 Alpha: Black/Gunmetal and Gunmetal/Red.

  • 15x7 6+1 +53mm
  • 15x7 3+4 +25mm
  • 15x10 6+4 +25mm

Bolt Pattern: 5/4.5