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Polaris Ride Command 7" Display Add-On Amplifier Harness - Easily add an external amplifier to all Polaris Ride Commands - Remote turn on wire


  • Built in the USA using high quality Rockford Fosgate RCA Harness
  • Works on all Polaris units with factory installed Ride Command 7" Display
  • Easily add up to 3 external amplifiers or up to a 6 channel amplifier
  • Our harness plugs into AMP1, AMP2, or AMP3 connector on the factory Ride Command wiring harness. Requires one harness for each AMP connector. These are all high level outputs.
  • When we install amplifiers into a Ride Command unit. We treat AMP1 as front speakers, AMP2 as rear speakers, and AMP3 as subwoofer.
  • One end of our harness plugs into output AMP1, AMP2, or AMP3 of the Ride Command Harness and the RCA end plugs into the input side of an external amplifier.
  • If you planning on using this harness to add a subwoofer, you will also need to purchase a our 2-Channel Line Driver kit part # RW-RC-RFPEQU. This installs between this harness and the subwoofer amplifier. If you do not purchase this 2-Channel Line Driver kit, there will be little to no bass output.
  • If you are using a Wet Sound Amplifier with 3.5mm connections, you will also need Wet Sounds Source Unit Adapter part# ST-DC-OEM
  • Our harness also includes one blue remote power wire so the amplifier will turn on when Ride Command is turned on.
  • Female ends
  • One harness is required for each amplifier


NOTE: If you are having issues with sound quality or no sound at all, it is not our harness that is causing the issue, it is the amplifier