Polaris Pro R Oil Filter Cover

Polaris Pro R Oil Filter Cover

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Sticks and stones make up some of the hazards that you will encounter on your next ride. On the Polaris Pro R the oil filter sticks out like a pinky toe, waiting to be stubbed on something. Don't let that happen on your next ride with our Oil Filter Cover. Our Oil Filter Cover is laser cut and powder coated black for a sleek finish. This Oil Filter Cover will stop flying debris from destroying your oil filter and ruining your day on the trail or running your engine out of oil. Our cover is also easily removed for access to change your oil filter. This cover uses all existing hardware and is a fairly easy install. Be sure to check out our Intake Vents Covers for more flare on your Pro R.

  • Easily Removed
  • Protects Your Oil Filter
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Laser Cut
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