Can Am Maverick X3 Torrent-B Intake Plenum

Can Am Maverick X3 Torrent-B Intake Plenum

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Stop limiting the power potential of your X3! The EVP Torrent Billet Intake Plenum was designed for stock turbo and big turbo applications to solve performance limitations and strength issues while providing a more balanced flow to each cylinder. The OEM plenum frequently fails at modest boost pressures. In addition, the OEM plenum is highly restrictive which can limit the power potential of your X3. Constructed of 7075 aluminum and tested to 70 psi of boost, the Torrent series billet plenum will stand up to virtually any abuse.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software enabled the optimization of this design prior to manufacturing. Scanning, base-lining and running both the OEM plenum and the Torrent through the same CFD software, showed improved gains in both flow and balance between runners. The goal was a superior direct replacement part for the OEM plenum both in terms of fitment and running quality. Some aftermarket plenums require a special tune so the vehicle will run correctly. Not with the Torrent billet intake! The engine will start, idle and run like stock.

We have run HUGE boost through this plenum on our Hustler X3 drag car without any issues or leakage. All connections are made utilizing O-rings for a leak-proof seal. This type of engineering is far beyond the norm for the off-road industry. Two additional vacuum and/or boost ports are provided for a blow-off valve, boost gauge or rising rate fuel pressure supply. On average there has been a 3-5 horsepower increase on stock turbo tunes and huge power gains on engines with big turbo kits.

The EVP Torrent Billet Intake Plenum is compatible with OEM or EVP aftermarket charge tubes. It is designed to use the stock throttle body via the included adapter plate but also can be used with larger Bosch 68mm throttle bodies.


X3 Torrent-B Billet Intake Plenum Assembly