Kawasaki KRX 1000 Complete, Billet, Gated Shift System ..... 6 Pieces

Kawasaki KRX 1000 Complete, Billet, Gated Shift System ..... 6 Pieces

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This one-of-a-kind billet shifter assembly replaces the stock plastic shift gate as well as the shifter arm and grip and adds a custom billet top console for great looks. It allows for much smoother shifting and has an optional gate that only allows Low, Neutral, and Reverses. This makes it extremely easy and quick to shift from Low to Neutral or Reverse when rock crawling and the front end is getting light. Because of the design of the clutching system on the KRX, it doesn't like to freewheel backward when you get into trouble and need to back up in a hurry. This kit includes a custom machined Delrin insert that we've cleverly inserted between the console pieces to ensure friction-free operation. We also include a rubber boot to seal the lower portion of the shifter and prevent unwanted heat and dust intrusion. Not only is this a must-have for rock crawling, but it also makes general trail riding more enjoyable when you have to shift quickly from forward to reverse multiple times to jockey around an obstacle or tight corner.

  • Easy Installation

  • No modifications necessary

  • Uses stock mounting hardware

  • Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum