EVP Shift-Tek Polaris Primary Clutch Compressor Kit

EVP Shift-Tek Polaris Primary Clutch Compressor Kit

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Whether you're running a Polaris OEM, TAPP or STM primary, the EVP Shift-Tek Primary Clutch Compressor Kit significantly eases the clutch compression process. This kit includes everything needed to properly and safely compress the primary for disassembly/assembly, spring changing, accessing the weights for adjustments and more. Additionally, this kit can be used with the clutch installed on the car (with the primary bolt removed). Includes threaded rod and handle with padded grip for easy operation, and two nylon bushings (1” & ¼”) to accommodate a variety of clutch springs.

  • Kit includes steel threaded rod and threaded rod handle, 1‚Äù nylon bushing and ¬º‚Äù nylon bushing
  • Compatible with OEM Polaris primary clutches (excluding P90X), as well as STM & TAPP primary clutches
  • Kit comes with everything needed to compress the primary clutch
  • Can be used as a bench tool and/or with the clutch still installed on the car