Can Am Maverick X3 Torrent-F Intake Plenum

Can Am Maverick X3 Torrent-F Intake Plenum

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Like its big brother, the Torrent-B (Billet), The Torrent-F (Fabricated) Plenum was designed to solve performance limitations and strength issues that plague the OEM plenum but at a lower price point. The stock plenum frequently fails at modest boost pressures. This issue is solved with our Torrent-F plenum. In addition, the OEM plenum is highly restrictive, which can limit the power potential of your X3 in higher boost applications. We have seen power gains of 5-12 HP (depending on boost level) with adding our plenum alone. The Torrent-F intake runners and injector bosses are machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and designed for optimal flow. The fabricated portion is CNC bent 1/8” TIG welded aluminum for maximum strength. The throttle body attaches to a CNC machined flange which is sealed with an o-ring to eliminate the OEM rubber hose clamp connection. A water jetted support brace is welded to the connection pipe for durability under the most grueling conditions. A built in ¼” port is provided for a BOV or boost gauge.

Evolution of the Torrent Intake Plenum:

The Torrent-F plenum was originally fabricated back in early 2018. Two years were spent refining the design and functionality through extensive testing, racing, and dyno simulations. Many revisions were made until we were satisfied with the performance, durability and flow characteristics. The final design was then CAD drawn, CNC machined, CNC bent and tig welded so each plenum is identical.

The Torrent-F plenum has been utilized on our big power Desert Storm turbo upgrade with up to 42 PSI of boost pressure with no issues. We designed it as a direct replacement part for the OEM plenum both in terms of fitment and running quality. Some aftermarket plenums require a special tune so the vehicle will run correctly. Not with the Torrent-F plenum! The engine will start, idle and run like stock. It is also compatible with OEM or EVP aftermarket charge tubes. The plenum was designed to reuse the OEM rubber gasket and bushings for proper torque and sealing. Socket head cap screw hardware and throttle body o-ring are included.
The Torrent-F series intake plenums are available in two finishes – raw aluminum and ceramic Titanium. The ceramic Titanium finish will keep the aluminum from oxidizing so it will remain looking like new.


X3 Torrent-F Intake Plenum