Hess Motorsports Can-Am X3 Double Shear Front Knuckle Bearing Carrier

Hess Motorsports Can-Am X3 Double Shear Front Knuckle Bearing Carrier

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Billet Double Shear Front Knuckle / Wheel Bearing Carrier

Run what Hunter and Cody Miller run with their NXT LVL A-Arms! These knuckles are King of the Hammers proven. These Knuckles are to be run with aftermarket A-Arms. They run these with the Teixeira Tech NXT LVL  A-arms. If you have a CanAm X3 it is no secret that the front knuckle is a problem area. The main failures we have seen are with the wheel bearing snap ring. With our billet solution, we set out to make the best knuckles available with the end user in mind. Thru extensive testing and racer feedback, we revolutionized the way bearing carriers are designed. With our Bearing Cartridge, you no longer have to remove the bearing carrier to change wheel bearings. You also do not need special press tools to change your wheel bearings. Our bearing cartridge is threaded and can be threaded out and replaced with a new one to simplify wheel bearing changes. This is a HUGE improvement over traditional designs. There is no snap ring to fail nor press area on the carrier to lose tolerance. We also offer preloaded replacement cartridges so you can keep an extra set with you just in case you need to change a wheel bearing on the trail or on a riding trip. These also work great in racing applications where bearings need to be changed in a pit stop or between Motos in a timely manner.

Fits: CanAm Maverick X3

  • KOH Proven by Miller Bros
  • Designed for aftermarket A-arms
  • Recommended use with NXT LVL type A-arms
  • Thread in Bearing cartridge to Lock Bearing Down
  • Utilizes our Revolutionary Bearing Cartridge
  • Change Wheel Bearings without Removing the Knuckle
  • Made from Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Beefy and Super Strong
  • Strengthened in all Critical Stress Areas
  • Hard Anodized for increased durability
  • Wheel Bearing Installed
  • Uses OEM Hardware except where provided
  • Ready to Bolt On
  • Cartridge Tool Included with a Pair