X3 TAPP Clutch XR Race Series Drive Belt for 400+ HP Can Am Maverick

X3 TAPP Clutch XR Race Series Drive Belt for 400+ HP Can Am Maverick

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*This belt is recommended for all EVP.MOde Spec TAPP primary clutches calibrated for 400+ HP Can-Am Maverick X3's.

Due to the larger overall diameter and overdrive capability of the Tapp primary clutch, customers with 400+ horsepower X3's used for drag racing should consider using our slightly longer WBB112 belt over the OEM length WBB383 belt.High horsepower cars on launch control can over shift beyond the length of the OEM belt on the initial hit. This can cause the belt to bottom out on the helix in the secondary clutch and/or rip the belt in half. The longer belt prevents this undesirable result. The EVP TAPP XR Race Series Belt features the same rock-solid performance and dependability countless customers (and all EVP racers) have relied on since introducing the EVP BADASS Belt lineup.

World's Best XR Race Series belts are manufactured with a larger Kevlar cord and feature a custom braid design marrying the layers of the belt for better shock absorption and increased cord pop-out resistance. An additional benefit includes being able to withstand more heat for increased overall strength and durability.

  • Designed with larger Kevlar cord and a custom braid design for better shock absorption when landing
  • Made from custom blend of two premium High Modulus Compounds holding the top and bottom layers together like super glue.
  • Load tested to withstand the power of up to 600 hp machines.
  • Impregnated with short Aramid Fibers for better heat resistance and belt-to-sheave adhesion.


  • Race Proven Performance
  • Manufacturing, quality control certifications: ISO-14001, ISO-9001, and IATF-16949
  • Newly released design that has a larger Kevlar cord with a custom braid design to act as a shock absorber for HIGH HORSEPOWER TENSILE LOAD requirements
  • New vulcanization process marrying the layers of the belt together around the cord, preventing premature separation of the layers
  • Highest shock load rating to-date: Able to withstand the power of 600 hp machines
  • Increased top cog pressure load design that increases sidewall rigidity, prevents top cog bowing, but still allows for increased rotational flexibility.
  • Bottom Cog uses HIGH MODULOUS RUBBER COMPOUND (BZX1) for better heat resistance and heat dissipation
  • Bottom cog is impregnated with short Aramid Fibers for better belt-to-sheave adhesion and reduced overall belt temperature
  • Latest bottom cog design for greater rotational efficiency at full shift
  • Precision ground sidewall angle (SCUFFING) for smooth engagement, increased power transfer and lower operating belt temperature
  • Kevlar cord (vs Polyester) wraps over bottom cogs for increased bottom cog strength and increased cord pop-out resistance


Can Am:
2017-2022 X3 Maverick / X3 MAX / X3 900 All Models with Tapp Primary Clutch

  • Replaces OEM #'s 422280651 / 417300383 / 422280654 / 417300571 / 417300551 / 417300531 / 422280652